Wednesday, February 16, 2005


as i expected, i got sick. it was just a cold, but it was a pretty bad cold; i felt feverish and crappy for a couple of days, and was cranky and drove n. insane with my whining.
i'm a terrible invalid, i won't stay in bed and i get really cranky. combine that with the rainy weather we had and missing my usual workouts and i was not fit to associate with.

have i mentioned that i'm a bike geek? this is my bedroom

my valentine's day gift from n.

it's a reproduction of eddy merckx's team jersey, and i love it.
how on earth n. (who has no interest in bikes whatsoever) ever found it i'll never know.

mostly because she won't tell me.

in other news, the tree (the BIG tree that you can see in the background here) that was in the back yard of the building next to mine was cut down.
i'm mostly glad about it, it was a podocarpus, and they're evergreens so they shed year round.
they're also allelopathic, so it made it almost impossible to grow anything other than really hardy weeds in the backyard.

on the other hand, now i feel all exposed in my bedroom, and i'm a little worried about the mourning doves who nested there every year.


and finally, n. got an interview at davis, which is kind of huge.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

run faster!

on sunday i ran 13.1 miles faster than i ever have before. it took me 1:36:50, although my official time was 1:37:22 since it took me about 30 seconds to cross the start after the gun went off.

it was the first race i've run where i felt like i did everything right: trained properly, tapered pretty well, and most importantly, paced myself properly during the race so that i still had a little juice left for the small hill right before the finish.

on top of all that the weather was absolutely gorgeous; cool and sunny with a slight breeze, about all i could have asked for.

and now i'm getting sick. soon after lunch i started feeling that horrible little tickle in the back of my throat and nose, so i know it's coming.
the timing is crappy too; i have to get a new website for work built and ready to go by friday, and i don't get the design until tomorrow morning. ugh