Tuesday, September 28, 2004

sorta back

so, i'm back, as i said, from vacation. things are crazy with work,
and my time feels rushed and hectic, but i'm slowly getting a handle
on things.

on saturday i ran the mt. diablo 25k, which was hard.

it's 4500 vertical feet of some of the steepest fire roads and trails
i have ever seen, and the descent was way worse than the ascent.

that being said, i was happy with how i did; no cramping, no falls, i
think i paced myself pretty well, and i finished 15th out 101
competitors (men and women).

i finished ahead of the first-place woman
and only one guy my age -- or younger -- finished ahead of me. it's
nice that my running continues to improve.

this is me about 1/2 a mile from the finish. i was walking about 2 seconds before the picture was taken, and again about 5 seconds after. god forbid i should be photographed walking though!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

the trip

i went to the uinta mountains in utah. i saw moose, i ran on deserted
dirt roads at 10,000 feet, i drank wine and built fires and slept in a
now i'm back at work and not that happy about it.
i'll post more, with pictures, after i dig out from under my backlog.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004


ok, i;m totally slammed at work and i'm going on vacation (to the sawtooth mountains in idaho) on friday, so i will try to update when i get back, with pictures no less!
in the meantime, i've been running a lot, i set a pr for the the half-marathon (1:45:38), and riding my bike a bunch.
i also finally built my old (the first 'real' roadbike i ever had) into a fixed-gear for riding around the neighborhood (or did i mention that already?) and it's a TON of fun.