Tuesday, October 31, 2006


so, the row i'm hoeing right now has gotten a little tough; i'm confused and unhappy about what's going on with me and the girl i like, and the company i work for has been bought, so there's some uncertainty about my future employment.

i will almost certainly have a job for the immediate future, but whether it's doing something i enjoy, and what i'll be paid are up in the air (although i'm pretty sure i'll take a pay-cut). currently my job description (if there even was one) covers about four different areas, and most companies have four different people to do those things.

additionally, the company that bought us is approximately nine times bigger than we are, and i've never worked for a firm that big.

all in all it adds up to a lot of uncertainty, and i don't thrive on that, at least not when it relates to real life.

on the plus side, i'm injury-free, did an adventure race solo a week and half ago and got fifth, and my new workplace is close enough that i don't have to drive to get there, which is pretty cool, i'm sick of driving.

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Thursday, October 19, 2006


while i was in manhattan last week amy and i went and saw 'shortbus', john cameron mitchell's (hedwig and the angry inch) most recent film.

i really liked it; he didn't use actors for it, he found people from the city and asked them to be in the film, and the result was really good. the characters feel genuine and believable and REAL.

there is a lot of graphic sex in the movie (the version i saw was unrated) but it doesn't feel gratuitous or exploitative; it's integral to the plot and serves a purpose.

i won't give away any of the plot, but one of the strongest feelings it elicited in me was loneliness, if you've seen it, what did it make you feel? (if you haven't seen it, go if you get the chance).