Saturday, October 22, 2005

265 feet per mile

that was the average elevation gain on my run today (the actual hill
profile looks more like what you'd see if you gave a kangaroo a bunch
of meth, tied a glowstick to his head, and set him loose in the desert
at night).

p. and i did the double dipsea again (have i mentioned i like that
trail?), with an extra 6 miles in the middle, for a total of 20. the
fog was thick when we started out, but we had climbed out of it by the
time we reached the turnoff for the ben johnson trail, and we could
see a blanket of fog for miles, with sutro tower rising above it to
the south.

we were in and out of the fog for the rest of the run, which was
great, especially when we were on the edges of it. the rays of
sunlight splintering through the redwoods and lighting up the little
floating droplets were really stunning.

p. and i kept talking about how beautiful everything was, to the point
that if anyone else had been there they likely would have wanted to
slap us.

this run was a little longer than the last time i was out (20.0 miles
vs. 18.6 miles) but had the same elevation gain. i was about 25
seconds per mile faster, my average heartbeat was 5 bpm lower, and i
FELT stronger.

i think i'm getting back into shape, and i'm pleased about it.


At 10:47 AM, Blogger Manduca said...

you rock! i'm glad it felt good. and was beautiful.

At 6:40 PM, Blogger dolface said...

i'm working on the rocking. i'm flat-out terrified about the quad dipsea (11/26), but hopefully i won't die.

(btw, i think you would have loved it as a hike; sutro poking out of the fog made me catch my breath, and not just because i was running. unfortunately, it's a no-bd-zone. damn environmentals).


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