Saturday, October 08, 2005

vertical mileage

i went on a great run with p. this morning up in marin.

i got up at 6:00 (despite having slept poorly due to a combination of
too much beer, and rage at whoever stole the parts off of my bike),
was out the door by 6:45, picked up p. at 7:00 and we were at the
bottom of the stairs for the dipsea trail, ready to run, at 7:30.

we ran the normal dipsea route, with a detour along the ben johnson >
bootjack > stapelveldt > tcc connector loop to add some miles.

the weather was perfect: cool and clear, with enough breeze to make
the sun feel good.

the trails were really beautiful; sections of them had yellow sycamore
and alder leaves scattered across them, giving a wonderful autumnal
feel to things, (which was added to by the chill in the air in the
canyons), others were covered with a soft, springy layer of redwood
needles that smelled great.

by the time we go back to the bottom of the dipsea stairs, 18+ miles
later, we'd climbed just under 5000 feet, so i turned around and went
back up all 3 flights to finish at just over 5300 feet, and the most
climbing i have ever done on a run.


At 7:10 PM, Blogger Mike said...

That's the most horrible thing I've ever heard.

At 9:19 AM, Blogger dolface said...

i think you're just jealous.


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