Wednesday, October 06, 2004

montebello redux

i climbed montebello road again today, and took it a little easier than i did on monday. i stayed in the saddle the whole time, tried to relax, and didn't push too much. it took me a little longer than it did on monday (44:56 vs. 41:56) but i didn't feel like i was in immanent danger of explosive pulmonary failure either.

i found a page that has a whole bunch of geeky details about the climb if you're interested. (if you're not, the basics are: 5.3 miles long, ab out 2000 vertical feet, average grade of 6.9%, max grade 16%).

i've set a sort of soft goal of knocking 10% off of the time i got today before the end of the year. it seems do-able.


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