Monday, June 14, 2004

weekend fun

i had a great weekend; running, riding, chores, food, beer, toys, and a little bit of sunburn, read on for all the details. or not.

friday night natalie and i did our usual burgers, beer, and movie. we watched 'jackie brown', which i hadn't seen before. it's pretty good, but not as good as the book. (it's based on 'rum punch' by elmore leonard. he's one of the crew of south florida mystery/caper writers that includes carl hiaasen).

saturday morning i went for a run with the club, it was my first run since the marathon, and i only did 40 minutes, on coach's orders. i felt really good, and was sorry when it was done.

after i got back to the city i took off for a ride; heading down to the embarcadero, out through the presidio, down along the great highway and back over twin peaks. it was a gorgeous day, and the view coming over the top of portola was phenomenal.

after that natalie and i went and picked up some supplies to build an enclosure for one of her cats. (it's injured and on cage rest, so we decided to build it an enclosure in the loft in her kitchen, rather than keeping it in a crate).

i also got an ipaq (h3700) on craigslist. it was only $30.00, which is a steal, and it means i can now get SERIOUSLY obsessive about dietary and performance statistics, since the fitness software i've been using has a bunch of stuff that only works on handhelds.

we finished saturday out on the patio at zeitgeist, where kj was having a get together to celebrate the last few days of her vacation.

sunday i went for a ride with jeremy out in the marin headlands, it was another gorgeous day, and it felt great to be climbing hills again, but jesus my ass was sore from riding saturday! i can't wait until i toughen up a bit. i also forgot to put sunblock on, so now i have very distinct sunburn lines on my biceps. they hurt.


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