Tuesday, June 13, 2006

all kinds of stuff

busy busy.

sunday i competed in an orienteering event (only the second one i've done). i did the brown course (in ascending order of difficulty, courses are white, yellow, orange, brown, green, red, and blue, where white is literally a walk in the park, and blue puts you at risk of being eaten by wild animals), and did ok.

my main problem was not knowing what the symbols on the control list were, so i spent a lot of time running in circles in the general area of the control before finding it.

but i finished in (just barely) under 2 hours, and i was pleased about that.

on monday, baarbd.org, the adventure racing site j. and i have been working on, finally went live.

it was a shitload of work, and i'm still kind of amazed that we went from concept to live site in a month.

there's still lots to do, but at least now it's out there, and hopefully people will use it.


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